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We are a government relations and public affairs firm that helps businesses and organizations navigate government decision making and develop innovative policy solutions that get results.

our essence


As much a family as a firm, our boutique size allows us to provide high-touch support with personal attention and service.


We believe the people you work with should care about your issues as much as you do, and we bring that passion and dedication to your file every day.


Backed by years of experience, we invest the time to understand your issues and determine the best way to achieve your objectives.


We are seen as trusted partners by both our clients, and decision makers in government.

Our history

Founded in 1983, we’re one of the oldest public affairs firms in Canada.

Since our beginning, we have established deep roots in Canada’s political system, and have developed a reputation for providing creative solutions backed by sound public policy.

Today, our firm has evolved into a public affairs leader, trusted by companies and organizations who need partners they can rely on to deliver results.

Our Approach

To cut through the noise and get results in today’s crowded political environment, organizations need to be well-informed, well-prepared and nimble.

Backed by a detailed understanding of the political environment, our seasoned experts evaluate your issues and develop thoughtful, customized solutions to advance your interests. We understand intrinsically how government decisions impact your activities, and we work passionately to help you tell your story in a way that fosters political buy-in to get results.

But most of all, you need experts on your side.

Our number one activity is government relations. For almost 30 years we have made a name for ourselves by working with businesses and governments to create value and drive results.

Government Relations

Our services

An award-winning, full service public affairs firm.

When a successful government relations effort requires a shift in public attitudes, we are armed with the experience and insight to create communications programs that shift the media narrative and public opinion in your favour.

Public Relations

We design and manage digital campaigns that create and activate grassroots networks, raising awareness of your issues and create public pressure for policy change.

Grassroots Mobilization

To speak to government, you need people who speak the language of government. We conduct extensive background research and develop all types of policy documents for government and stakeholder audiences. These include major submissions and sector reviews as well as individual issue-based analyses.

Policy Research and Development

When volunteer associations or industry organizations find it difficult to grow or meet the needs of their members, we offer professional, experienced management and executive-level advice, including managing all communications, membership renewals, and back-office support.
Association Management

Our Team

Seasoned experts you can rely on to get results.

Andrew Boddington

Andrew Boddington

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew specializes in innovative policy solutions and strategic counsel.

Jonathan Rose

Jonathan Rose

Executive Vice-President

Jonathan helps clients strategically position their policies and projects for optimal results.

Lee Greenberg

Lee Greenberg


Lee is a public affairs leader, with experience driving results in government, politics and the media.

Amy Boddington

Amy Boddington

Senior Associate

Amy provides tactical and strategic counsel, public relations, and public affairs expertise.

Alexandra Rodgers

Alexandra Rodgers

Vice President

Alexandra has an extensive track record of driving government policy  and delivering ambitious agendas.

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole

Vice President

Ryan has a deep understanding of government decision making and how to influence it.
Yara Salama

Yara Salama

Senior Consultant

Yara turns ideas into actions.

Ian Pattillo

Ian Pattillo

Senior Associate

Ian understands how to tell stories that stand out and shape opinion.

Get informed.

Get noticed.

Get results.

Let us help you navigate government decision making and develop innovative policy solutions that get results.

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